Dear INES Project representative,

I am undergraduate student from Myongji University, South Korea. Three other students and I have been researching about Salinity gradient (osmotic power) technology, its applicability, and the future of it. During the research, we found out that INES has played a key role to salinity gradient development. I’m pleased the fact that some Korean institutions are cooperating with INES. Nevertheless, comparing to other ocean energy such as tidal, wave, and OTEC, information about salinity gradient technology from the Internet and journal is still limited.

Therefore, It would be glad if we have a chance to look around the project team in IMIEU, and have some time to ask questions to osmotic enegergy and current status. Please would you indicate a suitable time for visiting? Our field trip, which is an academic program sponsored by LG Corporation, will be between July 15 and Aug 31, 2016. We believe that this opportunity will be a great help to further our research.
Thank you for consideration of this request.

Best Regards,
Youngseok Song

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